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The Mecke reagent is a simple analytical method for identifying certain chemical compounds.

Preparation of the Mecke reagent

The original recipe for the Mecke reagent is the following:

  • 100 mL concentrated sulphuric acid (98%)
  • 1 gr selenious acid

The advice is to add the selenious acid to the sulphuric acid, and not the other way around. Heat is generated when these two are mixed, with a risk of splattering. It is also advised to only close the vial/flask when the content is fully cooled to room temperature.

Only use glass vials/flasks to store the Mecke reagent. Vial/flasks with glass stoppers are preferred; not all plastics are sulphuric acid resistant!


  • Sulphuric acid is strong corrosive and toxic acid and can damage eyes and skin severely.
  • Selenious acid is a strong oxidaizing agent. When brought into contact with flamable materrials, this might result in a spontaneous combustion. Avoid any direct contact.
  • The Mecke reagent needs to be handled and stored with great care. Only glass and porcelain objects are resistant against the reagent.

Use of the Mecke reagent

Put a drop of the Mecke reagent on glass or porcelain surface. Add of little bit of the desired compound and wait for the colour reaction. Compare the result of the colour reaction with the table below.

Table with the colour reactions

Drug Structure Colour discription Particularities Photo
2-AI 2ai.gif Red - Orange Fizzes 2ai mecke DHP.png
2-DPMP Desoxypipradrol.gif Light Brown Fizzes, Slow colour reaction (± 60 sec) 2dpmp mecke dhp.png
2-FMA 2fma.gif Light Yellow Colour fades slowly (± 15 min) 2fma mecke DHP.png
2-MeO-Ketamine 2-meo-ketamine.gif No colour change Fizzes
25B-NBOMe 25bnbome.gif Green - Brown 25bnbome mecke dhp.png
25C-NBOMe 25cnbome.gif Green - Brown 25cnbome mecke dhp.png
25D-NBOMe 25dnbome.gif Dark Green - Brown
25I-NBOMe 25inbome.gif Light Brown
2C-B 2c-b 2d.gif Yellow - Brown Fizzes 2cb mecke DHP.png
2C-C 2cc.gif Orange - Brown Colour fades (± 5 min) 2cc mecke dhp.png
2C-D 2cd.gif Yellow - Green Colour turns more Brown (± 2 min) 2cd mecke dhp.png
2C-E 2ce.gif Yellow - Green Colour turns more Brown (± 2 min) 2ce mecke dhp.png
2C-I 2C-I-structuur.gif Brown Colour turns more Yellow (± 5 min) 2ci mecke dhp.png
2C-P 2C-P.gif Yellow - Brown Colour turns more Red - Brown (± 5 min)
2C-T-2 2ct2.gif Dark Purple 2ct2 mecke dhp.png
2C-T-21 2ct21.gif Dark Purple Colour fades (± 30 min) 2ct21 mecke dhp.png
2C-T-7 2C-T-7-structuur.gif Dark Purple Colour fades (± 30 min) 2ct7 mecke dhp.png
3-FMC 3fmc.gif Light Yellow Colour fades slowly (± 15 min) 3fmc mecke DHP.png
3-MeO-PCP 3meopcp.gif Orange 3meopcp mecke dhp.png
3C-P 3cp.gif Red - Brown Colour turns more Red - Brown (± 30 min) 3cp mecke DHP.png
4-AcO-DMT 4-aco-dmt.gif Brown - Black 4acodmt mecke dhp.png
4-AcO-DiPT 4-aco-dipt.gif Brown - Black
4-AcO-MiPT 4-aco-mipt.gif Red - Brown 4acomipt mecke dhp.png
4-FMC 4-fmc.gif No colour change Fizzes
4-FMP 4-FMP.gif Yellow Fizzes 4fmp mecke dhp.png
4-HO-DALT 4-oh-dalt.gif Brown
4-HO-MiPT 4-ho-mipt.gif Brown
4-MeO-PCP 4meopcp.gif Light Brown
5-MeO-DALT 5-meo-dalt.gif Red - Brown
5-MeO-DMT 5-meo-dmt-structuur.gif Red - Brown Fizzes, Colour fades (± 30 min) 5 meo dmt mecke DHP.png
5-MeO-DiPT 5meodipt.gif Red - Brown 5meodipt mecke dhp.png
5-MeO-MiPT 5meomipt.gif Red - Brown
6-APB 6-apb.gif Black Colour turns more Brown/Red (± 30 min) 6apb mecke dhp.png
AH-7921 Ah7921.gif No colour change Fizzes
AET Aet.gif Brown Colour fades (± 5 min) Aet mecke dhp.png
AMT AMT.gif Brown Amt mecke dhp.png
Amphetamine Amfetamine.gif Orange - Light Brown Amfetamine mecke dhp.png
βk-2C-B Bk2cb.gif Red - Orange Fizzes, Colour fades (± 15 min) Bk2cb mecke dhp.png
Bucinnazine Bucinnazine.gif Orange Fizzes, Colour fades (± 10 min) Bucinnazine mecke dhp.png
Butylone Butylone.gif Orange - Red Fizzes Butylone mecke dhp.png
Cafeine Cafeïne.gif Light Yellow Cafeine mecke dhp.png
Cocaine Cocaïne.gif No colour change Fizzes
Codeine Codeine.gif Blue - Green
Diazepam Diazepam.gif Light Yellow Diazpeam mecke dhp.png
DiPT Dipt.gif Red - Orange Fizzes Dipt mecke dhp.png
DMT Nn-dmt.gif Red - Brown Fizzes, Colour fades (± 30 min) DMT mecke DHP.png
DOC DOC.gif Dark Green - Brown
DPT DPT.gif Orange - Brown Dpt mecke dhp.png
DXM DXM.gif Orange - Brown Dxm mecke dhp.png
Escaline Escaline.gif Orange - Dark Brown Colour turns more Red (± 30 min) Escaline mecke dhp.png
Ethaqualone Ethaqualone.gif Yellow Fizzes, Colour fades (± 30 min) Ethaqualone mecke dhp.png
Ethylphenidate Ethylfenidaat.gif No colour change Fizzes
Fletamine Fletamine.gif No colour change Fizzes
Gaboxadol Gaboxadol.gif No colour change Fizzes
Glucose Glucose.gif Light Brown Slow colour reaction (± 5 min) Glucose mecke dhp.png
Heroine Heroine.gif Dark Blue - Green
Hydroxyzine Hydroxyzine.gif No colour change Fizzes
JWH-019 JWH-019.gif Brown Jwh019 mecke dhp.png
Ketamine Ketamine.gif No colour change Fizzes
Levamisole Levamisole.gif Yellow Fizzes, Colour fades (± 15 min) Levamisole mecke dhp.png
MDA MDA.gif Dark Green - Brown Fizzes Mda mecke dhp.png
MDMA MDMA.gif Dark Purple
MDPV MDPV.gif Orange - Red Fizzes Mdpv mecke dhp.png
Methaqualone Methaqualone.gif Yellow Fizzes, Colour fades (± 30 min) Methaqualone mecke dhp.png
Mephedrone Mephedrone.gif No colour change Fizzes
Mescaline Mescaline.gif Orange - Dark Brown Colour turns more Red (± 30 min) Mescaline mecke dhp.png
Methamphetamine Methamfetamine.gif No colour change Fizzes
Methoxetamine Methoxetamine.gif Oranje Colour turns more Yellow (± 5 min) Mxe mecke dhp.png
Methylone MDMC.gif Orange -Red Fizzes, Colour turns more Yellow (± 30 min) Methylone mecke dhp.png
Methylmethaqualone Methylmethaqualone.gif Yellow Fizzes, Colour fades (± 30 min) Mmq mecke dhp.png
Modafinil Modafinil.gif Red Modafinil mecke dhp.png
Morphine Morfine.gif Dark Blue - Green
NaCl Na-Cl No colour change Fizzes
NENK Ethylnorketamine.gif Light Yellow Fizzes, Colour fades (± 10 min) Nenk mecke dhp.png
O-desmethyltramadol Desmethyltramadol.gif Brown - Red Desmethyltramadol mecke dhp.png
Oxycodone Oxycodon.gif Red - Orange Oxycodone Mecke DHP.png
Phenazepam Phenazepam.gif Light Yellow Phenazepam mecke dhp.png
Phenibut Phenibut.gif No colour change Fizzes
Phentermine Fentermine.gif Yellow Colour disappears (± 15 min) Phentermine mecke dhp.png
Proscaline Proscaline.gif Dark Brown - Red Fizzes, Colour turns more Red (± 30 min) Proscaline mecke dhp.png
Theobromine Theobromine.gif No colour change
TMA-6 Tma6.gif Dark Brown Colour turns more Red (± 30 min) Tma6 mecke dhp.png
U-47700 U47700.gif No colour change Fizzes
Viagra Viagra.gif No colour change

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