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versneden ketamine (mogelijk toxisch)Aantal testresultaten van darknet markets (silk road)

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 02:32 PM



It was posted on the hub forum at this URL: http://thehubaoydxro...hp?topic=1849.0

Thanks to the user 2fruits who performed these test and shared this important harm reduction information!

Quote with images:

Some of you might have seen my original post about a fake batch of ketamine from a major Darknet vendor:


The disturbing thing was that since I posted about this issue, a number of people have come forward (including people claiming they are vendors) saying they received bad batches too. There have been people reporting fakes from pretty much every major vendor in the EU and the Americas, who all source from China or India… so this is a worldwide issue.

I prepared fresh batches of Marquis, Mecke and Mandelin reagents. These are the “gold standard” detection trio used by everyone from DanceSafe and EZ-Test to the DEA/police/Customs to test for the presence of drugs. Each reagent reacts with part of the drug molecule (usually primary amines) and it just happens that the reaction product is often a deep, specific, color (from black to violet). This is incredibly useful for us humans as it’s a reliable way to distinguish over 250 different psychoactive drugs.

The reagents tend to expire over time as they slowly break down (each reagent is a mix of chemicals which, themselves, are verrry slowly reacting with each other). This is why I prepared fresh batches; so there could be no error.

I tested 4 different things from 3 different vendors.

I will be naming vendor names here, because people need to know before they consume something that is different from what they think it is. This can and does lead to deaths from drug interactions and allergies. I would be endangering people by not revealing the sources of my tests.

However: PLEASE DO NOT BLAME THE VENDOR ON THE BASIS OF THIS POST. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A SIGN OF VENDOR SCAMMING.  Yes, the vendors should’ve tested their batch. Actually, I’m pretty fucking amazed anyone would invest lots of cash in pounds of controlled substance, without doing a simple cheap test that takes literally not even a minute… come on guys this is the 21st century!

The vendors mentioned have each been around for a long time and have good reputations: that is why we bought from them in the first place. It is not a viable business model for a vendor to work many months to get a good rep, only to blow all that work on “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs” by knowingly passing bad product to clients. People (especially people who buy from good-rep vendors at premium rates) can, will and DO notice… and all that rep and potential sales get lost.

It makes no financial sense for an established vendor to do that… or to try to get through a “dry” period by padding their product, because once they’re burned, clients don’t tend to return. However, clients WILL return if you routinely supply great stuff even if it’s not available all the time. CapeCrusader is a great example of this that comes to mind.

So I choose to believe this was an unfortunate and genuine error on the part of the vendors, who got screwed and didn’t see it coming because they didn’t do a $5 test that takes 30 seconds and can order without having to get off your chair.

That sounds pretty silly right? Unfortunately drug suppliers are not always the most chemistry-literate people… their expertise is underground business, not chemical testing labs. Most of them don’t test. So I choose to believe that the vendors named below were simply themselves scammed by their supplier. And guys, if I was in your shoes I’d be sending a hitman after your supplier and a thug with a baseball bat after your negligent importer.

**********END NOTE******

OK, now for the results of my tests. I will post picture proof shortly.

In order, my tests were:

1. “K” from subtickle – whole powder as received from our order.

2. “K” from subtickle – placed in isopropyl alcohol, heated, and the dissolved fraction (K is soluble in it) was filtered using medium-flow filter discs, then dried to get it back to powder.

3. “K” from HMDD.

4. Ketamine from a local source, who actually sells real ketamine but has an unfortunate tendency to cut his K with shit that blocks my sinuses like a motherfucker.

The results are not heartening. This is how the test should look for real ketamine:

MECKE: No reaction/clear
MARQUIS: No reaction/clear
MANDELIN: Fast reaction to a dark orange.

And this is what I got:


1. “K” from subtickle:

MECKE: Slow reaction to a faint purple/black.
MARQUIS: Very slow reaction to a faint orange/red with hints of yellow.
MANDELIN: Immediate reaction to a dark orange. No fizz (unlike HMDD’s which was the same color but fizzing).

CONCLUSION: It does contain a tiny amount (<10%) ketamine. The rest is cut, and it’s uncertain what it is exactly. The cut does not match any known pattern for the full “drug list” which means it’s been cut with another chemical not intended as a psychoactive. I have reason to believe this cut is DEFINITELY TOXIC.


2. “K” from subtickle (isopropyl-extracted part):

MECKE: Mostly no color change. Faint hints of yellow indicate traces of an unknown cut (possibly toxic) still exist in the extract from the original.
MARQUIS: Mostly no reaction. Faint hints of black indicate traces of the unknown cut.
MANDELIN: Immediate reaction to a dark orange. Slight fizz. Again, faint hints of black indicate traces of the unknown cut.

CONCLUSION: This appears to have some genuine ketamine in it… but it’s less than 10% of the total weight of the original powder. And even this has tints in it which indicate there’s still further unknown cuts in THAT… I certainly wouldn’t sniff even the extracted form. POSSIBLY TOXIC.


3. “K” from HMDD:

MECKE: Immediate reaction to a fluorescent yellow.
MARQUIS: Immediate reaction to a lemon yellow.
MANDELIN: Immediate reaction to a dark orange. Slight fizz. Strangely, after 2 or 3 minutes, it developed a couple of intense scarlet red dots. This indicates the presence of more than 1 drug, with a wholly different reaction timetable.

Interesting but not reassuring to say the least.

CONCLUSION: I was really surprised by the result since HMDD claims to have had a full analysis done on his last batch. The key here is that was his LAST batch. It appears whoever supplied the new batch I received is fucking HMDD over.

It most definitely IS NOT KETAMINE. In fact it tests positive for Methylone (bk-MDMA) or an outside chance of impure Mephedrone (4-MMC), or a mix of either with other cuts. The combo of methylone and a small amount of real ketamine is a “known fake” used to stretch out or “pad” ketamine and thus make more profit. It’s unlikely mephedrone would be used for padding since it’s a stimulant and also more expensive than K by weight.


4. My local vendor’s K:

MECKE: No reaction. A little fizz but no color change.
MARQUIS: No reaction. A little fizz but no color change.
MANDELIN: Immediate reaction to a dark orange. Slight fizz.

CONCLUSION: this is real ketamine. There’s cut, but it’s not psychoactive. It’s good, slightly-cut K. It’s just a pity the cut fucks my sinuses up.


As I mentioned I’ll post links to pictures of these reactions as soon as I clean EXIF data etc.

Very disappointing results, guys.  If you have bought recent batches from these 2 named vendors – DO NOT USE THEM. They are most definitely not ketamine.

There are also signs and rumors that other suppliers may not be safe either. Basically my advice is: if you’re going to buy K anywhere (even on the street) you are highly likely to encounter fake product. You should try to avoid large purchases, and test EVERY batch with an EZ-Test or DanceSafe kit.

This has all the hallmarks of some major supplier having his source dry up and starting to pad out his remaining stock… this again would back up the theory of this all stemming from the raid on a major ketamine factory in India some weeks ago. It seems that some suppliers may be “padding” existing stock by adding cuts such as methylone… and other suppliers are just flat out pouring in whatever shit they can pass off as K, even if it’s poison.

Watch out, and stay safe. And for the vendors mentioned (and the others who got the same shit batches)… sorry for your loss. And apologies if you get any flak from this… I struggled with the part about revealing details. I didn’t want to be inflammatory but on the other hand there’s some serious harm prevention aspects here: both products are potentially lethal in the wrong situations. I’ve gone to great lengths to try to deflect blame from you and I hope that succeeds.


End Quote

Letterlijk, spreekwoordelijk, dubbelzinnig.

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