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Techniek wikimisschien handig om ook als optie te bekijken

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#1 Bunzerr



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Posted 20 January 2008 - 12:52 PM

Hello Bunzerr,

IpbWiki 2.0.2 has been released today, the following changes have been implemented since version 1.7.1:

== Full Version Changes ==
Changes in IpbWiki 2.0.2:
* BBCode Parser Correction: if BBCode was entered then leave it as BBCode in the source text and do not translate it to MediaWiki Code.
* <newarticle> tag: corrected parsing of passed category and namespace.
* Discussion Topic Generation: corrected author_mode.
* IpbWiki Group Permissions: corrected bot permission.
* Skin selection box on the wiki should now also show the correct characters in localised versions (eg Russian skin names).
* Corrected IpbWiki Core installer: first create the configuration table before actually checking values that reside in it.
* Online list: guest multiplication issue solved

Changes in IpbWiki 2.0.1:
* top left, top right and left menu which use special characters, such as for example russian localised translations, now synchronize correctly to the wiki
* online list now shows the correct localisation of the article name
* online list now shows the display name of the member visiting the wiki, instead of his login name
* connection to the wiki database from within the IpbWiki skin section should now work for more passwords, only passwords containing single quotes or double quotes should still need to apply some manual adjustments to the code.
* copyright removal should work again

Changes in IpbWiki 2.0:
New Features:
* Automatic Skin Integration, no longer you need to download an extra modification to apply your forum skin to the wiki! However for automatic skinning to work it is required that you cache your forum css to text files (to check whether this is setup like this for you, go to your forum Admin CP -> Look & Feel -> next to each skin click on Edit Settings... and make sure that Cache CSS to text files is set to Yes)
* Not only is the skinning of the wiki fully automatic now, but IpbWiki is shipped with 2 types of skins, of course both match your forum look...
o The first skin is called IpbWiki Ipb Style (see screenshot on the left at the bottom of this post) and is an improved version of the skin that has been available to customers as a beta IpbWiki modification for a while now. This skin is now considered stable. The only thing you need to do when you decide to use this skin is to create a button for "edit article" and save it in your forum/style_images/skin_dir directory. (the edit button for the default ipb skins Ipb Classic Blue and Ip.Board Pro is already provided in the download package.)
o The second skin (although heavily tested and I working pretty good) is considered beta due to the fact that it's completely new. This skin comes in two flavors:
+ IpbWiki MediaWiki Style: The look is a mixture of an Invision Power Board look and the default MediaWiki monobook look, so it makes your IpbWiki really look like an Invision Power Board Wiki wink.gif (see screenshot on the right at the bottom of this post)
+ IpbWiki MediaWiki Style Colored: This skin-type uses the same basics as the IpbWiki MediaWiki Style skin, but in addition it also fetches the css for the body color/background. A side-effect of this is that the nice pages that's used in the IpbWiki MediaWiki Style skin will be never visible in this type of skin. So I'd advise to only use this skin if you have a non-white background skin.
o Of course you also still have the option to use your own custom MediaWiki skin together with IpbWiki...
* Both IpbWiki skins have been tested on the 2 default Invision Power Board skins and several custom Invision Power Board Skins.
* Skins have been tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista using the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox 2, Mozilla Firefox 3, IE 5.0, IE 5.5, IE 6.0, IE 7.0, Opera 6, Opera 7, Opera 8, Opera 9, Netscape 8, Netscape 9 and Safari 3
* When using the IpbWiki Skins you can now change skins on the wiki the same way you change skins on the forum, just use the Skin drop down box on the bottom of the wiki page
* Both skins contain a Printable Version.
* The IpbWiki installer now tries if it can chmod files from within php, before asking this to the person installing IpbWiki.
* Registration on the wiki can now be redirected to the forum registration.
* Online list integration - the online list on your forum now shows all guests/members browsing the wiki.
* Wiki link is automatically added to board header now.

* Bbcode used in MediaWiki templates is now also being parsed by the IpbWiki BBCode Parser.
* Loosened the password checker in MediaWiki to contain the same password checks as Invision Power Board.
* Ipb Stronghold cookie fix.
* IpbWiki Extra Namespaces no longer litter the search page on the wiki.

== IpbWiki Free Version Changes ==
The following changes have been made to the IpbWiki Free Version:
* added more assignable rights in the IpbWiki Group Permissions Administration Control Panel
* corrected ipb stronghold cookie creation
* Link to wiki is now automatically added to board header
* group titles should now pass fine for localised versions (eg Russian charset)

== IpbWiki Documentation! ==
A weak point of IpbWiki in the past was documentation, I know it's still not perfect, but besides the Installation which was already available, there's now also documentation for the configuration of IpbWiki on the following page: http://www.ipbwiki.c...pbWiki:Overview . Over the coming days the actual usage of IpbWiki will also be documented on the same page.

== New Price Announcement, New Prices - May 1st 2008 ==
Starting May 1st 2008 IpbWiki prices will slightly increase:
* A yearly license will cost 35€ with a yearly renewal price of 20€
* A lifetime license will cost 90€
Still budget friendly but if you're thinking about purchasing secondary IpbWiki licenses, then know that purchasing them before May 1st will save yourself some money.

html version of these release note can be viewed here:
IpbWiki 2.0.2 release topic: http://www.ipbwiki.c...?showtopic=1558
IpbWiki 2.0.1 release topic: http://www.ipbwiki.c...?showtopic=1544
IpbWiki 2.0 release topic: http://www.ipbwiki.c...?showtopic=1500
New Price Announcement topic: http://www.ipbwiki.c...?showtopic=1499

We only send out bulk emails on major version IpbWiki releases, but if you wish to receive a notification on minor IpbWiki updates as well then either:
- subscribe to the site news and updates forum: http://www.ipbwiki.c...c...forum&fid=2 (choose one of the subscription types and click on proceed)
- use an rss reader to read the IpbWiki news rss feed: http://www.ipbwiki.c...act=rssout&id=1

If you rather don't receive emails at all then go to your user control panel and make sure that 'receive email by adminstrator' is unflagged.

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#2 dreamer



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Posted 29 February 2008 - 11:40 AM

Met name het linken naar wiki-entries vanuit forum-posts lijkt me erg waardevol.

#3 Mindtravel


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Posted 03 March 2008 - 09:40 PM

Met name het linken naar wiki-entries vanuit forum-posts lijkt me erg waardevol.

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#4 Immad



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 07:54 PM

Is mogelijk om de cite uitbreiding toe te voegen? Een drugswiki zonder duidelijke referenties is redelijk waardeloos imo, gezien de hoeveelheid urban myths die de ronde doen.

#5 The_Imagizer


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Posted 12 January 2009 - 05:13 AM

Tenzij ik iets mis zou een extention om de anchors te regelen ook welkom zijn. De enigste manier om die te gebruiken die ik gevonden heb heeft als resultaat dat je altijd een "#" tegen he link hebt staan. Staat niet zo ordelijk imo :)

Welke je best gebruikt laat ik aan jullie over, een snelle zoektocht leert me dat er redelijk wat verschillende zijn :(

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