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Heb alle partijprogrammas doorgenomen en in een tabel gezet wat hun drugs standpunten zinnZoals de titel zegt. In de omschrijving nog wat extra informatie en bronnen die ik gebruikt heb

verkiezigen 2021 drugsbeleid xtc MDMA cannabis achterdeur

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Posted 24 January 2021 - 05:50 AM

Sooruy dat de tekst in het engels is. Heb dit eerst op reddit gedeeld vorige weeek.


I made a table with all political parties in the Netherlands currently participating in the elections for 2021 March 17. These are their positions on drugs (as far as I could tell from often vague election programs). I've made 4 groups that drug positions generally can be categorized in and a quote/summary in the 'notes' column.

💚 = more/beter regulation/legalization,
❌ = against regulation/legalization
❔ = (currently) unknown position
onb = onbekend = unkown
◼ = neutral

    • Political Party: names of the Political parties (in Dutch)
    • Cannabis: This should be obvious. What is their opinion on legalizing/regulating cannabis and the sales of if through coffeeshops.
    • 🍄💊: position on (current) sales of psilocybin truffles, magic mushroom, and MDMA/XTC.
    • Drugs: general position on regulation of 'classical' known/popular drugs. (think the top 9 most used drugs
  • (20 most commonly used recreational substances: example
  • replaced with better/newer stats).
  • RCs/NPS: general position on research chemicals, not widely used drugs, and new substances.
  • Notes: this is just a comment field where I either quote something from election program or in general summarize it. I'll add "quotation marks" when applicable.



The political parties marked in bold were in current government. The parties marked in italic were current opposition parties. No formatting = new party. Check out the House of Representatives wikipediaa) for more excellent information about current system and situation.

Here is an image with overview of the size of every party in one image

(currently). Dark blue = conservative, light blue =christian, green = left, red = socialist

I've based all my findings on the publicly available political party election programs of 2021-2025 election. You can download all the programs I consulted here in my pCloud folder or download them all in a ZIP-file.


  • there are currently 89 officially registered.
  • I've removed/not mentioned these parties for not mentioning drugs in their policy and because their chances of winning even 1 point is nil: Health Earth, Geenpeil, GroenRechts, VDP, PVDM,
  • Will add the recommendations from recent comments soon.

Last edit:

  • www.DrugsBeleid.nl is an organization that is made up of scientists and people working in the field. They've already made some proposals that would benefit public health. To summarize: "we verzoeken het kabinet over te gaan tot het toestaan van verkoop van wat nu 'hard- en softdrugs' heet, onder nader te bepalen strikte voorwaarden.". If you want to contribute you can sign their petition here.
  • HighHumans.nl also has a petition asking the government to pay more attention to scientific insights in drug research. As opposed to outdated stigma and misinformed politicians (and public). Furthermore, the 'doorsnee Nederlander' (average Dutchman) is invited to share their experience with drugs. Many people are still in the 'psychedelic closet' and this is hurting the normal discourse on the subject. We can only have a successful discussion if we're all honest about our own use, what we have as goals with specific policies and how much we're willing to pay for that. Here people can share their use in a safe environment.
  • Lastly, www.DrugsDialoog.nl is another non-profit about drug policy. However, they're working on gathering a bunch of professionals from the field and other stakeholders. Their mission is to have an open debate about specific drug topics where everyone can have input on. Every month they have a new discussion topic and all experts that have applied are invited to respond. All responses get collected and handed over to the government so they actually have scientific evidence, (hopefully) consensus on what the best policy is.

You can follow the discussion also on /r/ResearchChemicalsNL where I'll keep updating.

EDIT: removed PNVD for obvious reasons.and added newer/better stats


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Posted 25 January 2021 - 09:21 AM

Het is in ieder geval duidelijk op welke partijen je in ieder geval _niet_ moet stemmen als je progressief drugsbeleid wilt :)

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Posted 16 February 2021 - 10:36 PM

Wat als je voor gereguleerde legalisatie en voor patsercontroles bent?

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Posted 18 March 2021 - 11:05 PM


Het leven is te interessant om verveelt te zijn, maar verveling creëert dat dan weer wel...

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Posted 19 March 2021 - 11:41 PM

Wat, versnijdt Grapper zijn spul?

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