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vergelijking diverse trips met natuurSalvia divionorum, Truffels, DMT, 2cb

Salvia truffels dmt 2C-B

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Posted 28 September 2016 - 11:50 AM

Hey, ik ben vrij nieuw, ik dacht laat ik enthousiast beginnen.


Dit zijn mijn ervaringen met laatst langs de zee lopen, gekoppeld aan diverse trips.

Mijn ervaring kan afwijken van die van anderen, bijvoorbeeld doordat ik bij 2cb van mijzelf al haast euforisch was die dag, en 1 dosering nam van 24mg, en bij andere middelen geldt dit ook.

Verder, sorry voor het engels, maar vind de beschrijvende capaciteiten van de engelse taal aangenamer dan die van het nederlands.


Hallucinogens in perspective to the ocean.


Caution: The following descriptions are entirely related to dosage, set and setting, and may very well not be representative for your own (future) experiences with these substances.


Quite a couple of hallucinogenic substances have an interesting relation to parts of the beach an the ocean. The relations are described in the following sections:


Salvia Divionorum: The resemblance between Salvia Divionorum and the ocean (or the beach rather), might be one of the more clear ones, but at the same time it isnt.

When you are walking on the beach, on sand that has been wetted by the tides, but is getting dry, your footsteps seem to dryout not only the sand right below your feet, as if the fluids are being sucked out of the sand and into your feet. The sand changes both color and structure(wet to dry). The same goes for sand which has been able to dry a bit longer. This sand also responds vividly to the pressure of your feet, but now more in a way where entire structures of dried up land collapse at your feet.

The way these types of sand respond to your feet, is something that is related to what may be felt under the influence of salvia divionorum. Where, on the beach, you see the beach respond to your feet, on salvia, you feel your surroundings respond to your prescense. Simultaneously, you respond to your surroundings, like the crumbling sand would to your feet.

In the terminology of psychonauts: heavy bodyload, quite clear visuals, immense strong feeling of being connected to your surroundings, or being part of it rather.


Shrooms: The resemblance between Shrooms and the ocean is as following:

When the waves are splashing on the beach, and afterwards slowly retracting, foam forms. This foam may form patterns, flows in a certain way, related to the waves, casts shadows on the sand beneath, and so on and so forth. The longer a person stares at this foam, the more the patterns seem to make sense, the more the foam seems part of something which makes sense. But when you lose focus, even if just for a brief moment, this sense of cohesiveness is lost. After some time it can be regained though.

The way smooth and subtle patterns seem to make sense after a while, and fit together in the foam, and the shadow beneath, is the way a person can interpret the surroundings on shrooms. Where, at the ocean, quite concrete patterns are needed, on shrooms the process is made more simplistic. It is easier to place the environment into patterns, and to see how these patterns are related. Some degree of concentration may be required still.

In the terminology of psychonauts: no bodyload, not really visuals either, just patterns and logic in patterns.


Dimethyltriptamine: The resemblance between dimethyltriptamine is as following:

Be advised, words will come short of the experience. When a wave approaches the beach, it will eventually collapse in itself. This collapse is then followed by alot of foam, alot of bubbles, alot of individual streams of water and air going up and down. Alot of independant flows, but very much related to eachother. If you were to put your face right at that point, it would seem like your whole world existed out of these streams, related but individual. Furthermore, since your face is close to the water, you would feel the water splashing on your face. You would be able to feel the individual steams, hitting your face, and the cold, refreshing feeling, like a tingling sensation, through your head, through your body. Wave after wave brings new refreshment, new logic, new patterns and new joy. And furthermore, the realisation of how big, how mightly the ocean may be appears. All over the world, beaches, all with waves at the beaches, with waves in between. One mighty ocean.

Even this description falls short to how dmt may feel. The ‘casual’ dmt trip contains wave after wave of impressive and immersive visuals, flowing like waves, both the patterns and the colors of these visuals. Furthermore, a sense of spirituality can be present. The realisation of the limitations of our perception, and things like that. The patterns themselves, as well as the flowing colors, can sometimes be felt, at the top of your trip. All this time, you can do anything really, but chose to remaining still, laying down in complete awe.

In the terminology of psychonauts: pleasant bodyload, fucking intense and colorful visuals, slight philosophical questions may come to mind.


2cb: The resemblance between 2cb and the ocean is as following:

When the waves splash on the beach, and retract, the following patterns can be distinguished:

The foam levitates above the sand towards the ocean

The shadows of the foam follow the foam

The sand from the ocean follows the wave towards the beach until the moment of collision

The retracting water follows the pattern of the sand. Which is not at all flat, resulting in big streams, smaller branches both outside and inside these streams, smaller branches in these branches and so on and so forth, resulting in practically almost infinite steams

The reflection of the sun, as well as a part of the light which goes ‘through’ the water, is dependant of the curve and angle of the flow, the thickness of the layer of water on the sand and even more variables, resulting in a complex mesh of light

The sand of the beach gets pulled into the ocean, by the water which is flowing back. The individual sand particles more in seemingly independant directions.

The number of factors and the complexity of some almost does justice to the impressive effect 2cb may have. These patterns can either be seen, or derived from the environment.

In the terminology of psychonauts: no bodyload, complex patterns, yet not to emmersive.

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Posted 28 September 2016 - 07:48 PM

Haha, yes! Welkom :D

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