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The Sunshine MakersDocu

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Posted 23 September 2015 - 07:29 AM

Kan nog niet heel veel info over deze docu vinden, behalve dat het dit jaar zou moeten uitkomen (geen exacte datum) en dat de docu momenteel al klaar is.


The untold story of two young idealists at the heart of the American psychedelic revolution.

Convinced in their shared mission that LSD could save the planet, these self-proclaimed psychedelic outlaws took on the immense, dangerous and ultimately illegal task of manufacturing industrial quantities of hallucinogenics - including the iconic Orange Sunshine - in order to ‘turn on the world’ – one trip at a time…

...with the Feds hot on their tails, this was a roller-coaster ride through the inspirational scenes and symbolic events of a generation.

The acid they made and the people they met changed the face of America. This is their amazing story.


"We were criminals, but we were criminals having fun, people who got together and decided yeah we are doing a job, we are turning on the world. But we never hurt anyone. We never made bad drugs.”

– Nicholas Sand




Drugs against War

... R.I.P. Toasted ...

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